About Gun Critic

Gun Critic was created for just about anyone to research firearms and receive first hand information from actual shooters around the world. Plain and simple! I'm not a tactical guru, Law Enforcement Officer or a member the Military. I just like to enjoy the company of friends while increasing the skill and knowledge of shooting sports. 

Why Gun Critic.com?

As already mentioned, Gun Critic was created to allow anyone who is a shooting sports enthusiast, to give an honest opinion about a particular firearm you've used or own. After searching around the internet for some time, there didn't appear to be any one source that allows shooters to voice their review outside of a gun forum. 

Shooting sports can be intimidating to new users who may not be familiar with shooting. Through knowledge and education, everyone should be able to enjoy the sport we've all come to love.

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Being a one man website, I'll try to get as much detail and information as possible. If you think something should be changed, added or revised, feel free to reach out let me know.

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To all of you, from myself at Gun Critic - Thank you for stopping by!