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  1. Most accurate .40 I have ever shot Review by Gary

    I was torn between the FNX and Beretta Storm. I chose the FNX and couldn't be happier. Very accurate out of the box. Eats everything from cheap Walmart Ammo to high price protection ammo to handloads. Never had a misfire. Everyone who has shot this gun has loved it. I let a guy at the range shoot it who was shooting a $950 Sig. He shot two magazines and said he wished he'd shot the FNX before he spent all that money on the Sig. (Posted on 6/14/11)

    Pros: Shoots everything I feed, Accurate, High capacity, Simple Design, Easy to maintain, Easy to shoot well, Nice Recoil, Ergonomical, Fits very nicely in my hand, Easy to Use, Hi Cap Mags

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