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  1. Mossberg 590A1 Mariner shotty is a ROCK SOLID performer. Review by Jeffrey

    I've had this for a year now, and in that time can't begin to count the number of boxes of 00 and slugs I've put through it. 18.5" Cylinder bore (no chokes here folks) is very accurate for its length, and it literally doesn't care WHAT I put in it. I could probably load my own shells with broken glass and moth balls and it would just keep bangin. The barrel on the A1's are heavy duty, heavy enough that were you to run your mag dry, you don't necessarily need a side arm to go to, just pull the barrel and use it as a club. Metal trigger guard is also very high quality, as is the metal tang safety. Being a slightly heavier gun, recoil is supremely manageable, regardless of the round. Being chambered for 2 3/4" and 3", I have no problem shooting 3" slug or magnum buck. I take this out in the woods with me, I don't baby any of my gear, it just performs. Marinecote finish has stood up very well in the 1 year I've owned it, of course the next 20 will be the determining factor there. All in all, I'd have to say if you can find it cheaper than I did (I paid $620 for this sucker, YAK! You can probably find it cheaper...) pick one up. I honestly prefer it to any 870 out there. It's the best HD piece going imo, and you can take it out on the boat too. (Posted on 2/8/12)

    Pros: Shoots everything I feed, Accurate, Simple Design, Easy to maintain, Easy to shoot well, Nice Recoil, Fits very nicely in my hand, Reliable, Easy to Use
    Cons: Pricey

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