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  1. This is a great firearm! I find it extremely easy to shoot and maintain. Review by Drew

    I was at a firearms training center and had access to shoot about 6 different pistols one day. I had some Kimber, Rock Island, Colt and others that I was shooting before coming to the 92FS. Low and behold, it was the firearm I spent the rest of the day shooting. I loved that gun. The sights were clear, trigger wasn't funky; just felt very smooth. I cleaned the firearm, but only because I wanted to spend more time checking it out. In short, I haven't purchased it yet, but I will be in the very near future. (Posted on 2/2/11)

    Pros: Accurate, Easy to maintain, Easy to shoot well, Nice Recoil, Ergonomical, Fits very nicely in my hand, Easy to Use

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