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How to Review Your Gun receives alot of reviews everyday. Unfortunately about 25% get deleted because they really don’t describe much at all.

A bad review reads something like:

  • It’s cool and shoots great!
  • I hate this gun, my friend said it sucks
  • The best ever! No failures

Ok, those are great if you’re talking to your buddy sitting on a tailgate of a truck. But to everyone else there really isn’t much there to base a decision on. Think of how you research a product on Amazon. Do you read the reviews? I sure do, there is some valuable information in those from people who have used the product. Same basic concept for firearms.

Below are some general points that will help you create your review.

  • Pick out a few features which make this firearm unique or provide some level of distinctiveness over the competition, and expand on those points.
  • The opinions you express should be as balanced and honest as possible.
  • Did it fail to feed? what ammunition were you using?
  • Why is it cool? Smooth action? Great for concealed carry?
  • Why do you hate it? Did it cheat on you with your girlfriend or boyfriend?

Those are just some ideas to really get you thinking, after all, others will read your review and base their buying decision off of that.