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About The .10mm Auto Ammo is a powerful semi-automatic cartridge for pistols designed and introduced to the markets in 1983. Although being selected by the FBI in 1989, it was decommissioned because of the heavy recoil, which made the cartridge unsuitable for training average agents and police officers. Also, the chamber of the pistols for the .10mm Auto Ammo was too large for individuals with small hands. A former cartridge design was powered up, which resulted in a very powerful bullet that can retain a flat trajectory and high energy of a magnum cartridge for revolvers in a short, versatile rimless bullet for a semi-automatic pistol. The .10mm Auto Ammo produces a slightly higher energy level than the .357 Magnum Ammo at the maximum potential. The overall length of the .10mm Auto Ammo is 32mm, and the bullet diameter is 10.17mm. The 155-grain bullet variant of the .10mm Auto Ammo can travel at a velocity of 1,500 feet per second and creates an energy level of 775 ft.lbf. Manufacturer The .10mm Auto Ammo was first designed and developed by United States Marine Jeff Cooper in 1983. Uses The .10mm Auto Ammo has three main uses. Hunting, defense, and tactical purposes. This cartridge is widely used for white-tailed deer hunting. The FBI and many law enforcement in the US still use the .10mm Auto Ammo for their operations.

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The 10mm Auto (aka “Best Millimeter”) was developed by FFV Norma AB in 1983 at the request of Dornaus and Dixon Enterprises for use in their Bren Ten pistol and based it on a design by Jeff Cooper. It was designed to have magnum pistol cartridge performance usually found in revolvers but in a shorter casing for use in semi automatic pistols.

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While the 10mm is commonly used for hunting or as a defensive sidearm in backcountry areas with large predators, by some law enforcement special weapons and tactics teams, FBI Hostage Rescue Teams, and civilians for self defense, it is also issued by Denmark to their “Sirius Sledge Patrol” in northern Greenland as a last resort for polar bear defense.
The 10mm Auto gained fast popularity when the Bren Ten was selected for use on the TV show Miami Vice by Don Johnson’s character James “Sonny” Crockett. It is the parent cartridge of the .40 S&W, also called the “10mm Short/Kurtz” much as the .380 ACP is referred to as the “9mm Short/Kurtz”.

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The 10mm Auto is a rimless straight walled cartridge with an overall length of 1.26” and a case capacity of 24.1 grains (H2O). It uses large pistol primers and fires a .400” diameter bullet. Standard rifling twist is 1:16” and maximum pressure is 37,500 PSI.

Ammunition options for the 10mm Auto include full metal jacket, soft point, lead free, or hollow point with weights ranging from 75 to 200 grains depending on usage requirements.While most firearms chambered in 10mm are pistols, some revolvers, submachine guns and carbines are also available. 

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