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About The 16 Gauge Ammo has always been considered the most versatile shotgun ammunition throughout the decades. With advancements like tungsten shotshells, choke technologies, and bismuth, the 16 Gauge Ammo can potentially handle any game out in the wild. All other gauges can also manage such a feat, but the recoil that they deliver to your shoulder isn't something you would want to experience daily. Many famous gun writers and professional engineers proved that the 16 Gauge Ammo throws the most effective patterns at the target. Since several well-known ammo manufacturers offer the 16 Gauge Ammo in a 1 1/8-ounce shot charge, the payload this gauge delivers is even havier than most 20 and 28 Gauge Ammo offers. When a scaled frame is used for the production of the 16 Gauge Ammo, it weighs lesser than a 12 Guage Ammo and produces a slightly lighter recoil while delivering a sure kill every time just as effectively. Uses Because of the 16 Gauge ammo's high versatility, the gun can be used to one-shot many of the wild games in the right hands. Waterfowl, grouse, pheasants, turkeys, squirrels, rabbits, and even deer are all the perfect game for the 16 Gauge Ammo. This gun offers almost the same firepower but at the cost of slightly less recoil, making the shots taken with the 16 Gauge Ammo accurate and precise.

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