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About The 20 Gauge Ammo is also known as the 20 bore. This ammunition is considered a smooth-bore type and is mainly used by beginners who want to work out their aim or by hunters who are in the wild to hunt some small game. A specific type of hunters decide to use the 20 Gauge Ammo for hunting purposes, and most of them choose it because of the low recoil it creates. The 20 Gauge Ammo is perfect for young, elderly, and weak shooters who have trouble with high recoil, aiming and carrying a large shotgun around on their hunting trips. If you plan to go on a long hunting trip, then the 20 Gauge Ammo would be a perfect choice. The overall case length of the 20 Gauge Ammo is 70.10mm, and the case diameter measures 15.62mm. Various variants of the 20 Gauge Ammo can travel from 1200 feet per second to 1800 feet per second. Uses The 20 Gauge Ammo is most suitable for hunting quails, grouse, turkey, and similar small games using shotshells. Using slugs and buckshot variants of the 20 Gauge Ammo, you can effectively hunt deer with precise accuracy and decent effective range.

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