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About The .22 BB Ammo, also known as the 6mm Flobert Ammo, belongs to the .22 caliber ammo variety. It was designed and made commercially available in the markets in 1845. The .22 BB Ammo and the .22 CB Ammo are similar and interchangeable. They both provide very low velocities, making them the perfect choice for indoor target shooting. The .22 BB Ammo contains à percussion cap and a bullet attached at the top. Special guns were designed and created to chamber the .22 BB Ammo called parlor guns. The .22 BB Ammo does not contain any gun powder. Instead, the bullet is propelled forward by a substance contained in the percussion cap of the cartridge. The .22 BB Ammo closely resembles .22 caliber air rifle Ammo. The overall length of the .22 BB Ammo is 8.7mm, and the bullet diameter of this cartridge is 5.6mm. The heaviest variant of the .22 BB Ammo is the 20-grain bullet load, which can travel at a velocity of 780 feet per second while creating an energy level of 26 ft.lbf. Manufacturer The .22 BB Ammo was designed and produced by Louis Nicolas Flobert in 1845. Uses The .22 BB Ammo, due to its low velocity and power, is the perfect choice for indoor shooting. It has also been widely used for small pest control at close distances.

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