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About The .22 Long Rifle Ammo, or simply the 22 LR Ammo, is a 22 caliber rimfire cartridge created in the United States. The .22 Long Rifle Ammo is used in multiple rifles, pistols, smoothbore shotguns, revolvers, and submachine guns. This bullet is considered to be the most common type of cartridge in the market and is widely used for both target shooting and hunting. The .22 Long Rifle Ammo is extremely popular amongst both the novices and the experts because of the low mild recoil it offers and the low levels of noise it creates, making it perfect for repetitive shooting. The overall length of the .22 Long Rifle Ammo is 25.4mm, and the bullet diameter of this cartridge is 5.7mm. The lightest variant of the .22 Long Rifle Ammo is a 30-grain bullet that can travel at a velocity of 1,640 feet per second while creating an energy level of 191 ft.lbf.  Manufacturer The .22 Long Rifle Ammo originated in the United States in 1884. It was designed and developed by the Union Metallic Cartridge Company.  Uses  The .22 Long Rifle Ammo is used mainly for hunting tiny pests and vermin, sports target shooting, plinking, and an inexpensive training session for the novices. Because the .22 Long Rifle Ammo can fit into tiny, concealable handguns and revolvers, it is also used for defense in many regions.

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The 22 Long Rifle was introduced in 1887 by J Stevens Arms & Tool Company. It was based off the 22 BB Cap introduced in 1845 and the 22 Short introduced in 1857. It uses a “heeled” bullet, where the bullet is the same diameter as the case but with a “heel” at the base to fit inside the case. The 22LR is one of the most popular cartridges in the world and has seen use with several militaries and some law enforcement agencies in the past. 

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Most commonly used for plinking, small game hunting, varmint control, and as an inexpensive training choice, it is used by Boy Scouts of America, Project Appleseed, 4H, high school and collegiate shooting events such as biathlons. Several designated “survival” rifles are chambered in 22LR, including firearms issued by the US military for pilots. While 150 yards is considered the effective range, 100 yards or less is a better choice over bullet drop. The 22LR can be lethal to 2000 yards though.
Firearms chambered in 22LR have been used by the US and foreign militaries in several conflicts, along with being an issued item by multiple intelligence agencies globally.  USAF U2 pilot Francis Gary Powers was issued a suppressed High Standard HDM pistol when he was shot down over the USSR in 1960.

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The 22LR is a rimfire, rimmed, straight walled cartridge with a heeled bullet. The bullet is .223 diameter with an overall length of 1 inch. It is designed to use a 1:16” rifling twist. The design of the casing and the bullet allow use in multiple types of pistols, revolvers, or rifles with safe and reliable use of tubular or box magazines.

There are several choices in 22LR ammunition; Subsonic, Standard Velocity, High Velocity, and Hyper Velocity. Most firearms can use any of these types with the exception that some semi automatics will not cycle correctly using the lower powered Subsonic offerings. Intended use will determine bullet selection with offerings of lead round nose, jacketed round nose, and jacketed hollow points being the most common.  

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