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About .22 Magnum Ammo is rimfire cartridge weighing about 40 grams in total and uses a thicker and much larger case that allows it to withstand higher pressure levels under extreme heat. Increased powder and high pressures resulted in .22 Magnum Ammo delivering velocities over 2,000 feet per second from a rifle and 1,500 feet per second from a handgun. This ammunition is capable of reaching 125 yards in maximum point-blank range, making it perfect for taking down small game. The comparatively silent and ignorable recoil make it quite suitable to shoot for extended periods. Uses .22 Magnum Ammo is known to provide a good level penetration at all ranges and a more reliable expansion when used in longer ranges thanks to the expanding bullets. Since the .22 Magnum Ammo carries the same bullet weight as the .22 Long Rifle Ammo, both are used for similar purposes. Since this bullet has a decent effective range, you can take successful medium, ranged shots to take down small game. So, if you are in need to a short-range point-blank shot or shoot a small game from a comfortable distance with mild recoil, .22 Magnum Ammo will surely prove to be the best companion to you and offer an effective level of penetration making it a good choice for hunting.

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