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Experience what shooters around the world are calling the ultimate varmint hunting platform when you transform your standard AR into a 22 Nosler. Approaching 22-250 velocities in a significantly smaller package the 22 Nosler yields 25% more case capacity than the 223 Rem/ 5.56 NATO, resulting in 14% more velocity and 30% more energy at the muzzle. The effortless two-step conversion allows shooters to achieve lightning fast, hard-hitting performance with popular varmint bullets, pushing a 55gr. Nosler Ballistic Tip at supercharged speeds of 3,350 fps and a 77gr. Custom Competition bullet at 2,950 fps. The 22 Nosler case holds 34.2gr H2O at overflow, and 31.2gr H2O with a 55gr Ballistic Tip® seated to 2.260” OAL. For comparison, a 223 Remington case holds 27.4gr H2O with a 55gr BT seated at 2.260” OAL. The 22 Nosler has almost 25% more case capacity than the 223 Remington. Developed by Nosler engineers, the .22 Nosler is the fastest .22 caliber cartridge for the AR platform that utilizes a standard 5.56 bolt. With 30% more energy than a 5.56 and almost 300 fps more velocity, the 22 Nosler approaches .22-250 ballistics in an AR platform. With outstanding down range performance and high-quality ammunition available, the .22 Nosler is a top choice for varmint and medium game hunting and long-range shooting. This cartridge uses a commonly available 6.8 SPC magazine.

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