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28 Gauge Ammo About The 28 Gauge Ammo was introduced in 1903 and ever since has proven to be quite helpful on upland game hunting and clay target shooting. The 28 Gauge Ammo has become extremely popular in recent times because of the lightweight guns. These bullets typically have a soft recoil, create a clear pattern, and allow the hunter to aim like a dream. All the 28 Gauge Ammo variants are 2 3/4 inches in length. Because the 28 Gauge Ammo isn't widely available in ammunition stores, it would be a good idea to stack up on this bullet if you are a fan and get the chance. Many hunters choose the 28 Gauge Ammo for lengthy hunting trips because of the lightweight and fast handling when hunting in the dense cover of the wild. Whether your purpose is to go for some upland hunting or skeet target shooting, the 28 Gauge Ammo will make the perfect companion for the journey. Uses If you love hunting upland birds from a reasonably long distance or you want to show off your skeet shooting skills, then the 28 Gauge Ammo should be your choice. Low recoil allows you to take precise aim and shot, while the long effective range lets you take shots from a distance. Pheasants, turkeys, roosters, and other similar animals are easy game for the 28 Gauge Ammo.

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