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32-20 Winchester Ammo About The .32-20 Winchester Ammo, also known as .32 WCF Ammo, was the first lever-action bullet made for small game hunting by the Winchester Repeating Arms Company in 1882. Initially, it was introduced as a black powder cartridge, specifically for small game, varmint hunting, and deer. Even though it isn't completely, many famous people said that the .32-20 Winchester Ammo comes very close to being an all-rounder cartridge. People still recognize the shooter's accuracy with mild recoil. The .32-20 Winchester Ammo has an effective range of about 100 yards, where it can easily take down small game. People today use the .32-20 Winchester Ammo to modify and create daughter cartridges out of it that are suitable for different purposes. The overall length of the .32-20 Winchester Ammo is 40.4mm, and the bullet diameter of the cartridge is 7.94mm. The lightest variant of the .32-20 Winchester Ammo is the 85-grain bullet load that can travel at a velocity of 1,100 feet per second while creating an energy level of 228 ft.lbf. Manufacturer The .32-20 Winchester Ammo was designed and manufactured by the Winchester Repeating Arms Company in 1882 in the United States. Uses The .32-20 Winchester Ammo back in the day was used for hunting small game, varmint hunting, and for deer, but now better options are available. But the .32-20 Winchester Ammo does not damage the animal's meat, meaning it hunts and preserves the meat and hides.

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