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About The .356 TSW Ammo was designed and introduced into the markets commercially in 1993 and is also known as .356 Team Smith & Wesson Ammo. This cartridge was mainly produced for IPSC and USPSA shooters for competitive target shooting as a major power factor round. The 147-grain bullet of the .356 TSW ammo can produce a power score of 182. However, the ISPC and USPSA reject the .356 TSW Ammo because they only allow a cartridge that's at least a .40 caliber Ammo into the professional competition. The .356 TSW Ammo could no longer receive the attention and the popularity it required to stay alive and ended up fading away. However, this cartridge isn't done yet since Corbon itself has revived it. The .356 TSW Ammo is a powerful cartridge that can produce good results in the right hands. The overall length of the .356 TSW Ammo is 29.5mm, and the bullet diameter measures 9.0mm. The 115-grain bullet load is the lightest variant of the .356 TSW Ammo, which can travel at a velocity of 1,600 feet per second, making it a high-performance round. Manufacturer The .356 TSW Ammo was designed and produced by Smith & Wesson in 1994. Corbon was the one who revived it. Uses The .356 TSW Ammo will make an excellent round for self-defense purposes and can deliver good performance in target shooting competitions.

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