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About The .375 Super Magnum Ammo is part of the Super Magnum Ammo series developed by Elgin Gates in the 1970s to create something more powerful and longer than the Magnum Ammo in the market at the time. The .375 Super Magnum Ammo is based on the .375 Magnum Ammo. A revolver or a single-shot pistol designed for the .375 Super Magnum Ammo can also shoot a .375 Magnum Ammo cartridge and .38 Special Ammo rounds. This bullet is quite identical to the later-named .357 Remington Maximum, with brass being only 0.005-inch shorter than the brass of the .375 Super Magnum Ammo. Many different revolvers were introduced by Dan Wesson and Ruger for this cartridge, followed shortly later by T/C Contender. The customers' fear was not addressed about this dangerous bullet even by the new guns with improved chambers, which is why the .375 Super Magnum Ammo never took off. Manufacturer The .375 Super Magnum Ammo was designed and developed by Elgin Gates in the 1970s. Uses The lack of other guns successfully handling the .375 Super Magnum Ammo and the fear of this cartridge harming the shooter only allowed it to be popular in the T/C Contender.

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