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The.375 Winchester is a modernized version of the.38-55 Winchester, which was first introduced in 1884 as a black powder cartridge. In 1978, the.375 Winchester cartridge and the Winchester Model 94 "Big Bore" lever-action rifle were launched. It was lauded at the time of its release as a cartridge capable of firing far larger bullets than the.30-30 Win. and in a rifle that weighed only 6.5 pounds. It was designed by U.S gunmaker Charles H Ballard to be a modern take on Winchester's much older ammo variants. Only Winchester produces a.375 loadings, which is advertised as a 200-grain flat nose Powerpoint bullet that shoots at a realistic 2100fps. The Powerpoint bullet breaks 1800fps at just 80 yards from this velocity, beyond which this bullet design struggles to expand. It is feasible to outperform factory loads by up to 100fps when using manual loads. The 375 Winchester produces muzzle velocities that are not as high as some of the more recent additions, including factory and hand loads. It can be a slow killer if shot placement isn't perfect. It's worth noting that the cartridge is designed to extend down to impact velocities of 1600fps. The.375" barrel is very broad, and the cartridge's hefty bullets are capable of producing relatively deep penetration. The.375 is able to deliver consistent results by combining a large bullet diameter with hefty flat pointed bullets. If you are looking to be hunting white-tailed deer in the timber, then the 375 Winchester is a good choice.

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