.380 Auto (9mm Browning Short)

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.380 Auto (9mm Browning Short)

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About The .380 ACP Ammo is a rimless, straight walled cartridge designed for pistols introduced in the year of 1908. Ever since it was released into the market, it has been very popular in the self-defense department and has been widely used in numerous handguns. The .380 ACP Ammo is considered a misnomer since it doesn't strictly conform to cartridge naming conventions that are named against the bullet's diameter. Using the standard naming process, the .380 ACP Ammo should be named .355 ACP Ammo since it uses a cartridge .355 in diameter. The .380 ACP Ammo, because of its low blow-thrust, delivered a soft recoil to the shooter. The overall length of the .380 ACP Ammo is 25mm, while the bullet diameter measures 9mm. The 45-grain variant of the .380 ACP Ammo can travel at a velocity of 1,835 feet per second while creating an energy level of 337 ft.lbf.  Manufacturer John Browning designed the .380 ACP Ammo in 1908, and Colt's Manufacturing Company manufactured it in the same year.  Uses The .380 ACP Ammo has experienced a wide array of uses over the years. At least FIVE European nations picked it up as their standard pistol ammo before World War II. The .380 ACP Ammo is light and compact and delivers a short-ranged shot, creating less stopping power. The .380 ACP Ammo remains a popular cartridge for self-defense purposes. 

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The .380 Auto is derived from John Browning’s .38 ACP design in 1908. The cartridge is designed for use in a blowback action pistol with a relatively light recoil in a small, compact pistol. There have also been a few submachine guns chambered in .380 Auto using blowback operation.

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.380 Auto (9mm Browning Short) Usage

The .380 Auto is most commonly found in compact, lightweight pistols that are easily concealed for self defense or as backup pistols. It was the standard issue for 5 European nations prior to World War II but not retained after the war as standard issue.

The .380 Auto became standard issue for most law enforcement and militaries of Europe until adoption of the 9x19mm cartridge for military service replaced it. James Bond carried a Walther chambered in .380 Auto in several of the film adaptations. 

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.380 Auto (9mm Browning Short) Design

The .380 Auto is a rimless straight walled casing, with an overall length of .984”, and a case capacity of 11.8 grains (H2O). It uses small pistol primers and fires a bullet of .355” diameter with maximum pressure of  21,500 PSI.

Ammunition options for .380 Auto are offered in full metal jacket or hollow point and weights from 45-102 grains depending on personal preference and needs. 

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