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.40 Smith & Wesson

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40 S&W 40 S&W Ammo is developed by Smith & Wesson and Winchester, popular firearms manufacturers in the United States. The weight of the bullet ranges from 115 grains to 180 grains. The speed of the bullet is over 1000 fps which is faster than the 45 Ammo and a bit slower than 9 mm ammo. This ammo offers good accuracy and stopping power. Manufactured specially for semi-automatic handguns, 40 S&W Ammo is fast, powerful, and proved to be a better option for law enforcement. It operates at 240 MPa (35,000 psi) SAAMI maximum. 40 S&W Specifications: Cartridge case: 10mm Auto Case type: Rimless, straight Bullet diameter: 10.2 mm (.400 in) Neck diameter: 10.7 mm (.423 in) Base diameter: 10.8 mm (.424 in) Rim diameter: 10.8 mm (.424 in) Rim thickness: 1.4 mm (.055 in) Case length: 21.6 mm (.850 in) Overall length: 28.8 mm (1.135 in) Case capacity: 1.25 cm3 Rifling twist: 406 mm Primer type: small pistol Maximum pressure: 35,000 psi (240 MPa) Designed in 1990 as per the specification of FBI, 40 S&W Ammo holds a similar construction of a 10mm cartridge. The accuracy, drift, and drop of this ammo are almost similar to 9mm ammo. This ammo offers deep penetration and good expansion. Jacketed hollow point (JHP) 40 S&W ammo is considered good for self-defense. Remington’s Golden Saber, Federal’s HST ammo, and Winchester’s Defender series are good for defensive ammunition. 180 grain is the standard weight for this ammo. 165 grain 40 S&W Ammo travels faster than 180 grain and delivers a lighter recoil.

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