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About Elgin Gates introduced the Super Mag series only for one purpose. To deliver a highly precise shot that packs accuracy and power. The .414 Super Magnum Ammo was the last creation of this series and, unfortunately, never got a real chance to get off the ground even though the company manufacturing this ammunition was righting all the wrongs of its predecessors, like arranging for Starline to produce an extensive run of the .414 Super Magnum Ammo brass right from the start. Dan Wesson was producing 25 different guns that were going to be chambered to use the .414 Super Magnum Ammo, but while this operation was being carried out, the company went bankrupt, and this cartridge was lost to limbo since there were abundant of bullets available but gun to use it in effectively. Manufacturer The .414 Super Magnum Ammo was designed and developed by Elgin Gates and was to be chambered in guns that were to be created by Dan Wesson. Uses Like its predecessors, the .414 Super Magnum Ammo was intended to be very precise, accurate, powerful, and loud, making it suitable for medium to large game hunting and target shooting.

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