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.416 Weatherby Magnum

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The 416 Weatherby Magnum is a belted, bottlenecked cartridge invented by Ed Weatherby and commercially released in 1989, at a period when safari hunting was resurgent, resulting in a demand for large-bore dangerous game cartridges. It's a hazardous-game cartridge designed to take down large dangerous animals like elephants and African Cape buffalo. It has a huge magnum rifle primer and the company's characteristic double-radius venturi shoulder. It had gained a reputation as one of the greatest all-around hunting cartridges for Africa since its release. The 416 Weatherby Magnum is the highest powerful commercial cartridge. The 416 cartridge outperforms Remington, Rigby, and Ruger. 416s at a speed of 300 feet per second (91 meters per second). Unlike previous Weatherby cartridges, which were created by Roy Weatherby, the company's founder, this one was created by his son Ed Weatherby. The C.I.P. and SAAMI have standardized the 416 Weatherby Magnum cartridge, with the latter suggesting a 6-grooved barrel with a bore diameter of 408 inches (10.4mm) and a groove diameter of 416 inches (10.6mm) with a twist rate of 1 to 14 inches (360mm). The casing was based on the 378 Weatherby Magnum, necked up to receive a 416 inch diameter bullet, and was inspired by the 416 Rigby. Due to its huge dimensions, the 416 Weatherby Magnum requires an extra-large bolt face and a big magnum action to contain it. To put this in context, the 416 Weatherby Magnum case holds 140 grams of water (9.09 cm3), which is a 31% increase over the 416 Remington Magnum case.

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