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About The .44 Magnum Ammo is a rimmed, long bore bullet designed in 1954 initially used by revolvers but was quickly adopted for rifles and carbines. The design of the .44 Magnum Ammo is based on the .44 Special Ammo, but the lengthened case of the .44 Magnum Ammo allows it to load more pressure and achieve more incredible velocity and energy levels. At one point, the .44 Magnum Ammo was called the most powerful handgun ammo but was later dethroned by a few others. However, because of its manageable recoil, the .44 Magnum Ammo still remains one of the most popular large-bore magnum bullets. The .44 Magnum Ammo is unsuitable to be used by police or people with small builds. The overall length and diameter of the .44 Magnum Ammo are 41mm and 10.9m, respectively. The 340-grain variant of this cartridge travels at the velocity of 1,425 feet per second and produces an energy level of 1,533 ft.lbf. Manufacturer The .44 Magnum Ammo was designed and manufactured by Elmer Keith and Smith & Wesson in 1954. Because the bullet remains popular today, it is still manufactured. Uses When it comes to hunting, the .44 Magnum Ammo is a favorite for taking out the medium, and big game, up to the size of an elk in the range of 100 to 150 yards. However, thanks to the precise shot placement and deep level penetration this bullet provides, the big Cape Buffalo has been taken out.

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