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Nothing gets the blood pumping in the veins of many professional hunters like hunting hazardous game. They not only need long journeys, but they also necessitate the use of a firearm that is not your ordinary deer rifle. According to legend, the 500 Nitro Express was the favorite cartridge of famed Kenyan Professional Hunter John A. Hunter — a guy who killed more rhinoceros in the golden age of safaris than anybody else. The term ".500 Nitro Express" refers to one of three different ways to load the.500 Express case. The.500 Black Powder Express and.500 Nitro for Black Powder is the new name for the other loadings. The.500s bullet has a Sectional Density of 0.313 at 570 grains, allowing for great penetration even at close ranges, where this cartridge is most commonly employed. The.500 Nitro Express is a high-powered, high-performance rifle. When loaded with jacketed bullets, it can outperform even its black powder competitors when it comes to hazardous games. Within 50 to 75 yards, it produces 5,850 ft.-lbs. of muzzle energy. The weight of a well-made.500 Nitro rifle is normally approximately 12 pounds, but bigger calibers can be up to five pounds heavier. The.500 Nitro Express was created for Africa's and India's biggest wildlife, including elephants, hippopotamuses, rhinoceros, Cape buffalo, and water buffalo. Although it was originally intended for use in double rifles, the Farquarson action was also used in single shots, and at least one significant business (Heym) produced it in a bolt-action style. However, large game ammo generally comes with a lot of recoil, which not every hunter will be able to tolerate.

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