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Posted by Florence
Jan 12, 2022

5 Best 9mm & .45 ACP Revolvers

The 9mm and .45 ACP are two of the most popular handgun cartridges in the world, with nearly every major manufacturer producing at least one weapon in each caliber.

Why A 9mm Or .45 ACP Revolver?
To begin with, both of these cartridges are incredibly popular all over the world, so you'll never be far from a store that sells a large range of ammo.
As a result of its popularity, you have a large selection of defensive and range/training ammunition.
Let's look at some recommendations based on our testing and carry experiences with 9mm and.45 ACP revolvers now that that's out of the way.

Best 9mm And .45 ACP Revolvers
There are many excellent 9mm revolvers on the market, and not all of them could be included on this list. These are the ones that are the most dependable, the ones that perform the best, and the ones that offer the best value for money.
1. Ruger LCR
Ruger has earned a name for itself in the low-cost carry market, and the LCR revolver demonstrates the company's devotion to high-quality at a low cost. The LCR is a popular backup gun of ours, and its 1.87" barrel makes it ideal for ankle or pocket carry.
2. Ruger SP-101
Ruger is back on the list with the SP-101. This is the ideal option for anyone searching for a 9mm revolver that is both inexpensive and reliable.
It has a machined back sight, is lightweight, and comes in three different barrel lengths. It's basic and uncomplicated, but if you need something to keep in a toolbox or glove box, this is a great option.
3. Smith & Wesson Performance Center Pro 986
If you're seeking for the greatest revolvers, you'll most likely be considering Colt or S&W. In this situation, Smith & Wesson's Performance Center Pro model 986 takes the top spot.
4. Ruger Redhawk
For less than a grand, you can acquire a revolver that not only fires the .45 ACP, which is a great choice for two-legged threats, but also has the option of switching to the .45 Long Colt for a little extra oomph against bears, boars, and other things that start with the letter "B."
Because of the two calibers you have access to, you have a little more freedom when it comes to carrying the Redhawk in this caliber, as you can cover more potential circumstances than most other handguns can.
 5. Smith & Wesson 625
The S&W 625 is a.45 ACP revolver designed for competition.
For roughly $850, you get a 4" barrel and a gun that weighs around 40oz to absorb the.45 ACP's comparatively light recoil (in a gun this heavy, anyway).

Revolvers may be old-school, but they still have a place in the guns world. Because 9mm and.45 ACP are so common, you'll always be able to find ammo, and you're likely to already own a few firearms chambered in these calibers.
These 9mm and.45 ACP revolvers are all excellent selections if you're searching for a new revolver to add to your collection.
Scroll down and click the links to see the best prices that GunCritic found online for any of these handguns. You'll also find real reviews from real people to make sure that it's right for you!


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