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Posted by karljebert
Aug 13, 2022

California Defies SCOTUS...Again!

California Defies SCOTUS...Again!
     California, the gun-grabbing capitol of the United States, is once again imposing restrictions on law-abiding gun owners.  The California legislature recently introduced SB918 which, if passed, will make legal concealed carry in the Golden State practically impossible.
     While this new bill will conform to the new SCOTUS ruling that ended the “proper cause” requirement on pistol permit applications within the state, it will defy the Court’s NYSRPA v Bruin decision by clearly infringing on your right to carry a weapon for self defense.  Instead of having to justify a proper cause, California plans to institute a “good moral character” requirement.  This test is said to include a face-to-face interview with an elected judge, an investigation into your social media activities, and character reference affidavits from at least three people who can attest to your good moral character.  While this may seem like a good way to keep an unhinged nutcase from being allowed to carry a weapon, it places a severe hurdle in front of the applicants who really do need to carry a gun for self defense, especially if a judge simply decides to refuse a permit because of the judge’s personal opinions on gun ownership.  
     SB918 also plans to double the amount of required instruction time for applicants and for people renewing their permits, and though more training is typically a good idea, we need to remember President Ronald Raegen’s quote, “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the Government, and I’m here to help.”  
     The new bill will also make concealed carry illegal at public places such as parks, restaurants that serve alcohol, government buildings, and even at private businesses like offices and retail stores.  The bill includes a “catch-all” to effectively make concealed carry anywhere in the state next to impossible.  This section basically states that if a business doesn’t clearly display a sign saying that they allow people to legally carry a concealed firearm, then a person cannot carry on the premises.
     For more information about this new bill and the impact it may have, enjoy this video from The Armed Scholar…


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