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Glock 20: The Ultimate Guide to the Glock Pistol

Glock 20: The Ultimate Guide to the Glock Pistol

Glock 20: The Ultimate Guide to the Glock Pistol

The Glock 20 is a big gun. It’s a double-stack, large-caliber handgun chambered in 10mm that’s capable of hitting targets accurately out to extended ranges. In other words, it’s not the most user-friendly pistol available on the market today. Even so, if you own a Glock (or plan on owning one in the future) there’s plenty to learn about this particular model. The G20 is one of the most popular subcompact pistols in the world for a reason: it offers an excellent balance of range, power and concealability with the ability to fire both standard and extended magazines. The purpose of this article is to serve as an ultimate guide for anyone looking to purchase or own a Glock 20. This article will cover every single aspect of this handgun so that you can understand how to use it optimally and take care of it accordingly. Additionally, we’ll also touch on some tips for those who have owned a Glock 20 in the past but are considering selling it and purchasing another one instead!

The Basics of the Glock 20

The Glock 20 was first introduced in 1990. It was the first model to feature a large-capacity magazine that held a whopping 20 rounds. The G20 was also the first Glock to be chambered in 10mm Auto. The G20 is a subcompact pistol that’s relatively short and light. It measures 6.79 inches in total length and weighs 27 ounces. The magazine capacity is 10 rounds in the standard magazine and 15 rounds in the extended magazine. In terms of calibers, the G20 is available in 10mm Auto, .45 Auto, and .40 S&W. While the .45 Auto version is far less common than the other two, Glock does make a special (and very rare) version of the G20 chambered in .45 Super.

Usage and ergonomics

As mentioned above, the G20 is a subcompact pistol. Subcompact pistols are ideal for concealed carry and general self-defense scenarios. They are generally small enough to fit inside a front or back-waistband holster, or inside a thigh holster. The G20, however, is large enough to be used for general range shooting as well. It’s a great gun for home defense, law enforcement and hunting scenarios. The G20 has an ergonomic frame that fits well in most hands. It also has a lanyard attachment that allows owners to carry it around their neck with ease. The G20 has a standard magazine release and a standard Glock grip, making it easy to transition between this model and others in the same line.


One thing to note about the G20 is that it is designed with an extended beavertail at the back of the pistol frame. This beavertail helps promote a firm grip and prevents the shooter’s hand from moving backwards and impacting the shot. On top of the beavertail, G20s have a fantastic set of sights. These include a wide-angled front sight and a rear sight with two dots. This makes the G20 a very accurate handgun. One thing to note, however, is that 10mm Auto is a very powerful round. As such, it produces a lot of recoil. This can make accurate shot placement more difficult and can cause the shooter to “flinch” in anticipation of the recoil. This recoil can be reduced by using lighter 10mm Auto loads or by using a heavier, more substantial handgun.

Maintaining Your Glock 20

The standard cleaning and maintenance schedule for most Glock pistols is 500 rounds. This means that, after each range trip, you should be cleaning and lubricating your Glock 20. If you own a Glock pistol, you should also have a set of Glock cleaning supplies. Get a cleaning rod, cleaning patches, gun oil, and a cleaning brush. You can also buy a cleaning solvent, but it’s not necessary. If you didn’t clean your Glock after 500 rounds, you’ll definitely want to clean it after the first 1000 rounds. At this point, the gun will start to malfunction from all the carbon and grime that has built up inside of it. You want to clean your Glock regularly to avoid this, and so that it will last longer.

Pros and Cons of Owning a Glock 20

As we’ve discussed, the G20 is a great handgun for many different scenarios. It is also a very durable handgun that can withstand plenty of abuse. As such, it’s a great choice for someone who carries a gun often or for those who are in law enforcement. The G20 is also very easy to take care of. It has a simple design and doesn’t require frequent cleaning. It doesn’t break down as often as other handguns, either. The one downside of the G20 is that it is a larger handgun. This means that it’s harder to conceal and more difficult to transport from place to place. This also makes it heavier, which can make it more difficult to use.

Wrapping up and best deals on Glock 20

The Glock 20 is a fantastic handgun that’s great for many different situations. It’s reliable, durable and easy to operate, making it a great gun for beginners. It’s also surprisingly accurate and reliable given the fact that it’s chambered in a powerful round. Glock is a trusted brand that has produced millions of pistols over the years. Glock owners tend to be very loyal to the brand and recommend it to others. Glock pistols are relatively inexpensive and can be bought used at a significant discount. If you’re in the market for a new gun, the G20 is a great option. If you're looking for the best deals on the Glock 20, GunCritic has you covered. Click here to see the best we could find online!