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Posted by karljebert
Aug 30, 2022

Ruger's New Carbine

Ruger's New Carbine
After FN released the P90 and Five-seveN to the firearms market, the 5.7x28mm cartridge started a slow build in popularity.  Fighting against bad publicity, legislation, jaded youtubers and memes, the 5.7 cartridge remained largely ignored until a few years ago when the Ruger 57 pistol hit the stage.  After 25 years, the 5.7 is starting to gain traction as a viable round, and Ruger is planning to make the most of a good opportunity.

The Ruger LC Carbine, LC meaning "Light Carbine" is the newest addition to the firearm industry's 5.7mm lineup.  The Ruger LC Carbine uses the same magazines as the Ruger 57 pistol and has a nearly identical grip to give you a familiar manual of arms to the carbine's pistol counterpart.  It sports a fluted and threaded barrel, an aluminum free-floating handguard, a full-length top rail, AND a folding stock.  At the back of the receiver, you'll find the picatinny rail will accept any of the aftermarket folding stock options, allowing you the modularity to customize your rifle to your liking.

This new carbine should be available for purchase in the next few weeks, so call your local gun shop if you'd like to get your hands on one.  If you'd like to see this gun in action, enjoy this video by The Military Arms Channel on YouTube...

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