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Posted by karljebert
Aug 13, 2022


  Just as car seats, chew toys, vehicles, and dog food, and peanut butter have occasional safety recalls, so do firearms.  Every big firearms manufacturer has had at least one safety recall except for Heckler & Koch, GmbH, and that might be why they won’t produce a civilian MP7.
     Fabrique Nationale’s model FN509 has a safety recall notice due to improperly installed manual safeties.  If your FN509 pistol has a serial number lower than LR007999, your pistol is subject to the recall.
     If your pistol falls into this range, there is a way to safely check if your pistol has a properly installed manual safety.  If you are not comfortable with testing it on your own, then unload your pistol and take it to your local gun shop to have a gunsmith check to see if your weapon is working properly.  If you are competent enough to test the manual safety on your own, follow the instructions in the link below to deduce the viability of your manual safety.  If your manual safety has been installed incorrectly, there are instructions for that as well in the link below


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