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Posted by karljebert
Sep 15, 2022

The New FN 509 CC Edge

The New FN 509 CC Edge
     The new FN 509 CC Edge has just dropped, and it has all of the modern features that concealed carriers are looking for in a pistol. 

     Available in black or gray, this pistol comes with an optics-ready slide, a titanium-nitride coated barrel, and an easily removable muzzle compensator that reduces muzzle flip by 25%.  It uses FN509C magazines giving the user capacities of 10, 12, and 15 rounds, and maintains the ambidextrous magazine and slide release levers and the modular backstraps on the grip.  The flat style trigger has a pull weight of 5.6 pounds giving it a light and smooth trigger pull.

CALIBER:                   9mm
MAG CAPACITY:       10, 12 and 15 Rounds
WEIGHT:                     25.5 Oz
BARREL:                     4.2 Inches
OVERALL LENGTH:   7.5 Inches
HEIGHT:                     4.8 Inches
WIDTH:                       1.35 Inches

     If this sounds like the right side-arm for you, then click the link to our info page on the FN 509 CC Edge…
allen allen Sep 20, 2022
whats the price on this and is it worth it ehats the difference between this and a taurus
allen allen Sep 20, 2022
so what mags does it use will heat in car hurt the finish on it. what makes this firearm so special, also does all rmr work on it how many rounds have been tested through it one last question not pertaining to forearm do they make green tips for pistol

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