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Posted by karljebert
Jan 23, 2023

Daily Gun News Update 1-23-23

There has certainly been some strange stuff going on between SHOT Show 2023 videos hitting the internet and the ATF's pistol brace rule being filled with holes.

Here's a few notable things that have happened in the last couple days. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for daily updates in the gun industry!





Illinois defends their assault weapons ban claiming semi-automatic weapons aren't covered by the second amendment:

Anti-gun commies start throwing around "assault pistols", the new buzzword that only shows they don't know the first thing about guns:

Texas kicks out CITI Bank over their anti-gun behavior and their discrimination against the Second Amendment:

Youtube changed their rules about what you can show in your videos. This includes banning basically everything except holding it and shooting it. Loading and removing magazines, actuating any controls, more of that. We don't know if it will just get you demonetized or if it will get your channel Zucked.

We had a video, but it was taken down so....

Wraithworks made an AR15 with a carbon-fiber receiver and I want ten of them:


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