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Posted by karljebert
Jan 24, 2023

Daily Gun News Update 1-24-23

Maybe we can turn this into a 24 hour news network some day....

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Ian from Forgotten Weapons (a.k.a. Gun Jesus) tells us about a new optic that allows you to switch between zeros, an excellent option for people who shoot 300 Blackout with both supersonic and subsonic ammo:

Ian also gives us a history lesson on the beginning of SBR laws with the passing of the National Firearms Act of 1934 (NFA) and also goes over how the law has evolved over time:

Washington Gun Law president William Kirk explains some of the possible dangers of registering your braced pistols with the ATF via their Form 1 and "pistol brace amnesty period" regarding what is known as the 88-day automatic denial:

Since we're talking about the ATF's new pistol brace rule, have you sat down and read the near-300 page document? If you haven't, just know that it's not at all straight-forward. There's a lot of confusion, but luckily for us, Armed Attorneys give us some clarification:

One of the things the new pistol brace rule includes has to do with imported pistols and 922r compliance. We're going to let the Military Arms Channel explain it:

As if the pistol brace rule wasn't bad enough, Connecticut's legislature had a bill introduced that would make open carry illegal and would limit the amount of guns people can buy to 1 per month:


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