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Posted by karljebert
Jan 25, 2023

Daily Gun News Update

Joke setup: Do you know why Metallica is the best band? Read to the end for the punch line.

California is back at it trying to ban the sale and possession of body armor. More on this from the Armed Scholar:

Once again, Senator Diane Feinstein from California submits an "Assault Weapons and Magazine Ban" like she does every year, and this one is just as lame as all of the others. For more information, here's a video on the topic by Guns & Gadgets:

Also from Guns & Gadgets comes news out of Tennessee where a Supreme Court decision restored gun rights for people 18 to 20 years old:

This next video is a bit long, but it's worth watching. Langley Outdoors Academy and the Military Arms Channel speak with the CEO of SB Tactical, the creator of the stabilizing brace. They discuss how braces have evolved in their design and also politically, and they trash-talk the ATF so it's all good stuff in this one:

We'll show you something cool for the last video. Here's a video about America's new light tank by Task & Purpose:

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Punch Line: Because they jam harder than a 1911.


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