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Posted by SoarEagle
Apr 21, 2021

Best Home Defense Shotguns 2021

Hey guys!

The team at GunCritic is wondering, what do you consider the best home defense shotgun? To that end, we'd like you to vote on the poll below. Feel free to let us know in the comments how you feel about the list and if we should add your favorite!

Obviously, the shotgun is incredibly versatile. In a home defense situation a shotgun can be preferrable for a few reasons:

For one, the firepower. Pisols, while easier to wield generally lack the stopping power of longer guns. Not to mention that aiming a pistol with all that adrenaline can be incredibly difficult. With buck shot, the general vicinity of an intruder is probably just fine.

Two, with a shotgun there is less risk of over penetration. In the unfortunate event that you're firing a weapon in your home, you need to know that your shots will not travel further than their target. While there's still some risk of over penetration with a shotgun, it's more manageable.

Three, it takes less skill to hit a target with a shotgun blast. When your area of effect is greater, your aim matters less in tense moments.

Fourth, but certainly not finally, shotguns and shotgun shells are relatively cheap. That allows even the most budget minded home defense advocate to procure a great option and practice at the range without spending serious cash.


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