By Bryan Lynch on Jun 09, 2020

Best Longterm Outdoor Survival Firearms

Whether camping in beautiful backcountry locations, hunting in serene rolling mountains, or hiking down known and unknown trails, the call of the outdoors is an irresistible one. But survival situations can come out of nowhere and be on us in a moment's notice. Such situations can test a person's will and their equipment, but effectiveness, durability, and the reliability of our firearms are qualities that we shouldn't have to worry about. When it comes to longterm outdoor survival firearms, your best bet is to keep the platform simple and user-friendly. Weigh in on the list below and vote for the Best Longterm Survival Firearm!

Remington 870
1. Remington 870
Guncritic Certified 91%


Remington 870 Shotgun The Remington 870 has earned legendary status among gun aficionados. This is the perfect hunting gun, and there’s no question about that. The Remington 870 is arguably the very best pump-action shotgun that money can buy. I bet your dad or your grandpa has one in his collection. You can compare the Mossberg 500 and any other pump-action shotgun on the market with the Remington 870, and it is most likely going to come out on top. Although the Remington 870 has been around since the 1950s, it is still considered in style today. About five different versions of the 870 have been released over the years. The dimensions of the Remington 870 are 46.5 inches by 26 inches. The shotgun has an 18-inch barrel. Some versions have a 20-inch barrel. Although it looks massive, the 870 weighs just over 7 pounds, so you can carry it around conveniently. The Remington is not only used by hunters but also by law enforcement officers across the world. Some people also use this shotgun for home defense. The stock and foregrip of the classic Remington 870 are made of beautiful hardwood, but there are some versions with plastic stock and foregrip. As indicated above, this is a chambered, 12 gauge shotgun. There is also a 20 gauge version. The standard Remington magazine can hold 4+1. There is a magazine extension available for this shotgun, which increases its capacity to 6+1. The newest version of this shotgun, the Remington 870 DM, has a detachable box magazine. This will be the very first shotgun with a removable magazine. The magazine can hold up to 6 rounds. The Remington 870 is designed for 3-inch shells. Some versions of the 870 work with 2.75-inch and 3.5-inch shells. The comb is large enough to rest your cheek on it while you aim. This goes a long way to improve your precision. Some versions of the 870 have a single bead sight. One of the reasons we love the Remington 870 is its excellent design. When you have this shotgun in your hand, you can tell that this is a high-quality weapon. It is easy to hold in a grip, and the action is super smooth. It surprisingly doesn’t have a huge kick. One of the reasons for this is that the butt pad absorbs some of the shock. The Remington 870 comes with a crossbar safety, a trigger guard, and a safety switch. It is easy to take the Remington 870 apart when you want to clean it. All the parts come together easily. The gun tends to work just fine, even if it is not cleaned frequently. However, it is always advisable to maintain your firearms by cleaning and oiling them time-to-time. There are various accessories for the Remington that can improve your accuracy and general experience with this shotgun. The Remington 870 shotgun is a weapon that has stood the test of time; this shotgun is a key part of America's gun history. It is not only durable, but is also very affordable, feels comfortable to use, and is reliable.

Ruger 10/22
2. Ruger 10/22
Guncritic Certified 96%


Built in our American factories by American workers, every 10/22® rifle that comes off the line is a quality firearm. With millions sold over a span of more than half a century, the Ruger® 10/22® has long been America's favorite rimfire rifle. When it comes to choosing your next .22 rifle, don't settle for an imitation, make it an original.

Crickett 164 Single Shot 22 Lr Bolt 22 Long Rifle 16.12" 1 M
3. Crickett 164 Single Shot 22 Lr Bolt 22 Long Rifle 16.12" 1 M
Guncritic Certified 50%


Bolt action single shot rifles. Peep sight. Drilled and tapped for scope mounts. Two and one half pound trigger pull. Youth models length of pull is 11 1/2 inches and overall length is 30 inches. Adult models length of pull is 14 1/2 inches and overall length is 32 1/2 inches.

Heritage Rough Rider
4. Heritage Rough Rider
Guncritic Certified 92%


*This model does not meet requirements for melting point laws. Born of the traditions of the Old West, the Rough Rider maintains much of the look and feel of the legendary Single Action Army revolver, only in a scaled down version. Chambered for the .22LR the Rough Rider is manufactured using state-of-the-art precision machinery that assures its accuracy and reliability. The cylinder lock-up is tight and the perfect timing of the action makes for a handgun that will put its shots where you want 'em. The machined barrel is micro-threaded and inserted into the frame for the optimal barrel/cylinder gap to give you maximum ammunition performance. A hammer block mounted in the recoil shield provides extra protection and has a red dot indicator that lets you know when the gun is ready for action. A new, more authentic looking flat-sided hammer paired with new exotic cocobolo grips, makes the Rough Rider both functional and handsome. There are also other grip materials available, plus finish options include the attractive and durable Smooth Silver Satin. When it comes to the Rough Rider there are no shortcuts taken! Ideal for hunting, plinking or western action shooting, let the Rough Rider be your choice in a new rimfire revolver. Specifications: Rate of Twist: 1:14" Trigger Pull: 6lbs  

H&R 1871 New England Express
5. H&R 1871 New England Express
Guncritic Certified 91%


  Description: OMB Express Police Supply is offering H&R Pardner Pump 12Ga Black 28" 5Rds. New England's Pardner pump shotgun has already made a name for itself as the best value you will ever find in any 12 or 20 gauge. Offered in a variety of stock finishes the Pardner pump also includes vent ribbed barrels, a tubular magazine, ventilated recoil pad and is backed by a one year warranty protection plan. Action: Pump Action EPS Item No: HN002 Barrel Length: 28" Caliber: 12 Gauge Capacity, Total: 5 Choke: Screw in Modified Chamber: 3" Drilled: Yes Model: Pardner Pump Part No: HRNP1-2S8 Overall Length: 48 1/2" Sights: Bead Front Sight Stock Type: Synthetic Stock Type: Shotgun Weight: 7.5 lbs UPC: 010633051287

H&R 1871 Sportster
6. H&R 1871 Sportster
Guncritic Certified 100%


H&R 22 Long Rifle Single Shot/Synthetic Stock/20" Barrel w/Rifle Sights SS1022 New England's Sportster is built with the same high-quality all-steel barrel and receiver construction NEF long guns are famous for but in a pure rimfire version. The 22 rifle retains the patented transfer bar mechanism which provides unparalleled hammer down safety and comes standard with a scope base plus an offset hammer extension is included for easy cocking when a scope is installed. All models are covered by the NEF lifetime no-fault service plan.

Savage Arms 11 Hog Hunter
7. Savage Arms 11 Hog Hunter
Guncritic Certified 91%


Specifications: Family: 11/111 Hunter Series Model: 11 Hog Hunter Action: Bolt Action Finish: Matte Black Stock: Green Synthetic Stock Special Feature: Threaded Barrel Model Caliber: .308 Win Capacity: 4+1 Barrel: 20" Sights: Open Rifle Safety: 3 Position Top Tang Additional Info: Blind Magazine, Accutrigger Drilled/Tapped: Yes