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Para USA is an American-owned firearms manufacturer. It is the successor to Para-Ordnance, founded in Canada in 1985. It specializes in making M1911-style semi-automatic pistols and components.

From the cutting-edge technology, to the handcrafted excellence, our promise is proven by every pistol we proudly offer to you.

Our engineers are committed to advancing John Browning's original design like no gunmaker ever before, demonstrated by PARA's industry milestones – like the first high-capacity, double-stack-magazine 1911, and the finest double-action 1911 ever.

The brilliant minds drive the ideas, while the hands of our demanding craftsmen forge them into firearms. Built from the ground up with precision-engineered parts, each pistol is then honed for the tightest tolerances and most reliable performance.

Why PARA? Hold one in your hands and you'll know. Fire it, and it is case closed.

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