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Advanced Armament Corporation AR-15



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Known for its reliability, the Advanced Armament Corporation AR-15 Semi Auto Rifles are great for hunting and target shooting.

A Knights Armament free-floating forearm rail maintains accuracy and provides plenty of surface area to mount accessories. The bolt carrier group meets full auto specifications and the precision lower receiver is full auto pictogram marked (safety configuration does not allow for full auto use) The Carpenter 158 steel bolt is shot peened and the properly staked gas-key is heat treated for durability. The barrel is a 1:7″ twist 5R barrel. The entire barrel, including bore and chamber, has a nitride finish to resist corrosion and provide hardness for longevity. Far out living chrome lined barrels without impeding accuracy.

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  • Advanced Armament Corp - AAC - ShotShow 2013 Part 2
    They are rifles take a bolt and bolt carrier group that's from m16. We manufacture it small and then coat it with a nickel boron coating so it's shiny and smooth and that's a very low Briscoe thing that's aids in the rif...le functioning as well as making it easy to clean and making sure the gun works even if it gets really dirty, really cold, really hot, those types of extremes. We manufacture it under size appply the nickel boron coating it actually brings it up to tolerance. more

    December 22, 2018 | Full review…
  • Amazing AR15 Silencer - The AAC SR5
    It is a 7 inches long and 17 and a half ounces, really well-made. It's even quieter on the AR than it is on the AR TV, some pretty impressive sound meter numbers from the ACS. It sounds really good on the AR-15 to shoot,... it was very pleasant fully-welded inconel baffle stack. It have a durability. more

    December 22, 2018 | Full review…
  • New Products Week in Review AAC Blastout
    If you put on the AAC AR-15, you don't really lose any of the flash hiding capabilities but the concussion was lessened at least perceived concussion. It doesn't completely eliminate the blast it just directs it forward ...but definitely handy if you are at the range you got. more

    December 22, 2018 | Full review…
    Brownells, Inc.
  • Advanced Armament 101997 MPW AR-15 URX III Rail
    It is a piece of art to fire, clean concise round placement, and with a few addons , I believe will become one of my favorite rifles.

    December 22, 2018 | Full review…
    billy B
  • 100

    Good gun, solid build and everything fits well and feels good, my only criticism of the gun is that the Knights rail is gray rather than black, it doesn't alter the guns performance but just doesn't look good. I'll eithe...r change it out or have it re anodized, it's a shame that a very nice gun is let down by this, Quality Control should have caught this. The performance of the gun is flawless and I hit what I aim at - at 200 yards. I haven't tried it at anything else. more

    June 29, 2015
    Billy B.