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Critic Consensus

The Agram 2000 is a substantially smaller, lighter, and handier gun than one might expect from just seeing photos. Agrams were used by irregular forces during the war, but ultimately not adopted by the Army. After Croatia gained independence, the Agram continued to be produced, and has become notorious for use by organized crime in Eastern Europe. Read critic reviews...

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Origins of the Croatian Agram 2000 stem from the Italian Beretta M12 series of submachine guns. These were chambered for the popular 9x19mm Parabellum cartridge and brought online in 1959 with the Italian Army, seeing continued use with other global forces even today. Like the M12 before it, the Agram 2000 is also chambered from the Parabellum round and makes use of optional 15-, 22- or 32-round curved detachable box magazines. The Agram 2000 was used throughout the Kosovo conflict by both regular and special forces elements and has since proven a popular weapon on the civilian and black markets thanks to its high flexible ammunition count, compact size, full-auto fire and provisions for silencer use. The Agram 2000 series is locally-produced in Croatia though, to date, only a few are believed to have been manufactured making this smg something of a rarity anywhere outside of Croatia or its surrounding regions.

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