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Critic Consensus

Based on my experience, it's important to be careful when considering the purchase of a polymer-framed, combat-rifle type replica .22 rifle. I've seen some options out there that should be serving as plastic movie props, not sporting firearms. However, German Sports Guns is one of the companies which offers a quality product that's worthy of consideration. The GSG-16's light weight construction, collapsing stock and... Read critic reviews...

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The GSG-16 22lr Rifle is a light weight, tactical style rifle that is every plinking master\u2019s dream come true! Based off of the classic GSG 22 caliber rifle operating system, the GSG-16 features several enhancments to give it a new look for the next generation of shooters. The GSG-16 features a newly designed collapsible stock that also serves as an additional magazine storage compartment for either high or low capacity magazines. The re-designed forend features standard picatinny rails mounted onto an MLOK style hand guard. The cocking tube assembly features an ambidextrous charging handle so you can switch up charging rounds to meet your comfort style. The redesigned front and rear sight have been simplified and streamlined to give the shooter faster target acquisition over previous GSG models.

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