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Retail Price: $294.00
Used Value: $191.10
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Redesigned with textured pistol grip, integrated sling bracket, removable Weaver rail, open front sight and magazine release. Black synthetic and forearm. Black finish. 22LR, 22rd, 16.25″.

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  • GSG5 .22
    It might be a sports gun probably, it is one of the funniest gun that you can own if you are looking for just something that is fun to shoot, it's cheap to shoot because it is 22 long rifle. I would be nice if it was rea...lly suppressed but of course its not, its just a fake suppressor. more

    December 29, 2018 | Full review…
  • GSG-522 from ATI - American Tactical Imports: Great Quality, Fun and Cheap To Shoot
    It is a kind of a mock H&K Mp5 in fixed stock dexterous safety, does have the fake suppressor on the front, it's a good gun it shoot 22 long. a couple problems failure to cycle may be 4 times if that out of 200 rounds, i...t is made in germady great quality, it's pretty much all plastic polymer and it is still good gun all around. more

    December 29, 2018 | Full review…
  • GSG 522 Review
    This GSG 522 is a copy of the mp5. It has a 16 inch barrel, a barrel shroud or a mock suppressor and has rubber handguard. The accuracy of this rifle is enough especially for a 22 but still not reliable rifle. The GSG this copy of the mp5 because the original HK mp5 is extremely expensive but this ATI GSG 522 is they look pretty close to their parent gun. more

    December 29, 2018 | Full review…
  • GSG 522 - Rifle & Ammo Review - Does This Gun Ever Jam?
    This is the copy of the H&K MP5 22 long riflen, it is polymer but many people called this plastic because some part is actually plastic and its kind of old fashioned, it got a nice stock which is plastic the upper and upper is made of plastic, trigger is plastic, the magazine is also plastic a lot of plastic more

    December 29, 2018 | Full review…
  • GSG 522 - What I Like & Hate About Mine - Is It A Jam-A-Matic?
    It is made in Germany it is semilar to the MP5 made by H&K and its redesigned. A lot of plastic on this gun, if you dont like plastic guns you probably won't like this one. the buttstocks is plastic, upper lower reciever... more

    December 29, 2018 | Full review…
  • 100

    Had been thinking of buying one of these for a long time. Buds had it on clearance so I finally bought one. Took about a week to arrive at my dealer. Took it to the range and put 400rnds through it with out any problems.... Wish I would have got it sooner, really fun plinker. This was my first firearm purchase through Buds and it went very smooth. I will buy again from them. more

    October 21, 2014
    James S
  • 100

    Received product in 7days. Excellent weapon for CQB training with law enforcement. I have had two FTE out of around 1000rds.

    July 20, 2014
    michael a
  • 100

    IMO this is the best buy in the GSG series. All metal receiver which only weighs about a pound more than the plastic one. The forward cover is classier looking and the faux suppressor gives it a quality look. Only weak p...oint is the cheap looking plastic stock. Thankfully that can easily be replaced with an inexpensive collapsible metal stock. Needs to be cleaned/lubed before shooting, after which it performed flawlessly on various ammos that I fed it. Accurate and reliable at a reasonable price. more

    February 9, 2014
    Tom F
  • 100

    Buds was great!delivery was great, gun shoots great. Could not ask for more than what I bought. Great deal!!

    January 16, 2013
    sam h
  • 94

    While at the local gun shop noticed one on the wall. Liked the way it feels in my hands and the thought of a mp5 trainer. So picked it up and have put a few thousand rounds through mine. While this is no toy it is very a...ccurate, reliable, and fun to shoot. I tought my wife to shoot with it. Not to heavy but well made with good weight. I shoot it about weekly. more

    November 29, 2012
    Sgt. USMC
  • 20

    Jams with certain ammo

    August 13, 2012
    A.J. K
  • 60

    Like any gun, your satisfaction with the GSG522 will depend upon what you want to do with it and what you expect from it. If you are after a 22LR clone of the MP5 for training purposes, you may be disappointed--I can't b...elieve that any military or law enforcement use this as a trainer, it's just too weak for that. If you are after a fun toy, however, then the GSG522 could be your man. Make no mistake, the GSG522 is a toy. You will notice this right out of the box. The butt stock is everything you would expect to see on a cap gun from Toys-R-Us. The rear sight is plastic as is the scope mount--yes, the scope mount is plastic. Both the front annular shroud and rear peep sight of the original MP5 (and earlier version of the GSG) have been exchanged for a poorer system that seriously compromises vertical accuracy. I can't imagine getting the cheaper, light weight version where more parts are plastic. The good news is that all of these defects can be fixed with a conversion kit, aluminum scope mount, better butt stock, etc. The bad news is that to do so will cost you an additional $100 to $200, or more. If you can get past that this is a toy, you will have a lot of fun at the range. With the original style iron sights from a conversion kit or found online installed, it's quite accurate. The trigger is fast and pretty light. It works well with many types of ammo, and malfunctions are rare. Pros: 1. Very fun to shoot 2. Accurate and reasonably reliable. 3. Damn fun to shoot Cons: 1. It's a toy 2. An overly-complicated design makes it a pain to disassemble and clean 3. Expect to add at least $100 in improvements (the scope mount is useless for starters) 4. Made from cheap, poor quality materials While I won't be selling my GSG522 because of the fun factor, if I had to do it over again, I wouldn't have bought one. Not worth the price. If you are only going to get one "tacticool" gun in 22LR, buy a Sig 522. I have both, and the Sig is hands down the better of the two. It's better designed and made, just as fun and not a toy. more

    May 14, 2012
    Jonathan B
  • 100

    I absolutely love this gun! Let me start off with this gun is sleek and sexy as hell. It is a bit front heavy and overall heavier than I imagined that it would be. I was able to get 1inch groups at 25 yards. I ended up s...witching the front hand guard to one that had pic rails on it for a tactical light, changed out the stock with a retractable one, and got a reflex sight for it as well. It shoots beautifully and is just a BLAST to plink with. I mainly compete in 3 gun competitions and shooting .223, .40SW, and 12 ga gets a bit expensive after awhile. I decided to pick this up because I wanted to have something that I could shoot that wouldn't put a dent in my wallet. Since it eats .22lr you can have hours of enjoyment with it for a very low price. If you want a gun that is accurate, cheap to shoot, and fun as hell, then this is the gun for you! I highly recommend it!!! more

    December 22, 2011
    raul g
  • 100

    WOW! That's a lot of rifle for the dollar! No jams,dead accurate,and a dream to handle...all i can really say is...WOW!

    July 22, 2011
    Marla W
  • 80

    Just got back from the range with this gun, shot 350 rounds of Blazer .22lr 40gr. This is a very nice shooter, quite, accurate, and very light recoil. Gun performs excellent, only thing to be desired would be a better ma...gazine, any feed issues I had were magazine related. On a side note, while cleaning this gun be careful not to lose the slide catch spring located on the inside wall of the breach because it will fall out. Again excellent service with Buds. more

    May 11, 2011
    Matthew I
  • 60

    The weapon is cool as crap. The low rating comes from my expereance with Buds, the shipping was slow, hell I ordered ammo from another site and I got it before the order for the weapon got updated to the shipping dept. I... called and got disconected I email after the 7 day period twice and never got a reply. I know they were dealing with the whole credit card thing but an email would of been nice. more

    April 14, 2011
    scott w