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Critic Consensus

The barrett is easy to operate and features a large charging handle on the right side of the gun. The safety is very reminiscent of an M16 rifle, and positively clicks into fire. The M107s large picatinny rail allows users to mount an optic of their choice. And the M107s giant muzzle brake allows the mounting of a sound suppressor. The bipod is easily deployable, and when combined with the rear monopod creates a very... Read critic reviews...

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Barrett M107A1 Semi Auto Rifle .50 BMG 29" Fluted Barrel 10 Rounds Suppressor Ready Muzzle Brake 18" Integrated Rail with 27 MOA Elevation Black Cerakote Receiver 14085With 35 years of research and development with exclusive feedback from the most demanding end users, the US Military, Barrett continues to raise with bar with their iconic .50 BMG rifle system. The M107A1 does share the same iconic look as the 82A1 that really is where the similarities end. State of the art design, manufacturing process and materials permeate every component of this rifle. An emphasis was placed on making it lighter and stronger than its predecessors. An almost 4lb weight reduction along with being optimized for use with a sound suppressor provided the modern war fighter a huge battlefield advantage. Lighter, stronger and more accurate means that the Barrett M107A1 is truly engineered for action!Specifications and Features:Barrett M107A1 Semi Auto Rifle MPN: 14085UPC: 816715012432 Recoil Operated Semi-Automatic Rifle.50 BMG (.50 Browning Machine Gun)29" Fluted Barrel1:15" Twist Rate10 RoundsDetachable Box MagazineSuppressor Ready Muzzle BrakeLightweight Quick-Detach Titanium BipodAccepts Side Mounted Accessory RailThermal Cheek GuardModular Hand Grip Mount on M1913 RailRemovable Monopod18" Integrated Rail with 27 MOA Elevation Bias Built inOverall Assembled Length 57"Overall Weight 28.7lbsBlack Cerakote Receiver

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