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Barrett M82A1

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Perfection isn't accomplished overnight, nowhere is this more apparent than in the Model 82A1. For more than two decades, this short-recoil, semi-automatic series rifle has been carefully honed, studied and then refined again. The results is a feat of engineering so impossibly precise, it's hard to believe it's man-made. Unlike other semi-automatic .50 BMG rifles, the Model 82A1 is completely reliable. Its chamber is chrome-plated and dimensioned for both civilian and military ammunition. The extractor and ejector are proven to work under any condition, and close tolerances on every part allow it to function in all environments. Emergency iron sights provided. Nerves of steel are not.

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Barrett M82A1 Features

The Barrett M82A1 is a semi-automatic rifle chambered in the monstrous .50BMG and uses a 10 round magazine.  It has a 29 inch barrel to take advantage of the round’s muzzle velocity and has a large muzzle brake to reduce recoil.

Barrett M82A1 Ballistics

Barrett M82A1 Capacity

The Barrett M82A1 ships with a 10 round double-stack detachable box magazine.  Barrett also offers a smaller 5 round magazine.  Magazines are loaded into the M82A1 with the “rock and lock” method where the front of the magazine is inserted first and then rocks back until it clicks into place.
Measuring almost 5 feet long (57 inches) and weighing at least 28 pounds UNLOADED and WITHOUT optics, the Barrett M82A1 is one of the least mobile modern shoulder-fired rifles available, bested only by SSK Industries’ “Fat Mac” chambered in .950 JDJ.  The M82A1 is so heavy that it comes with a factory-equipped carry handle.

Barrett M82A1 Mobility


Barrett M82A1 Ergonomics

Designing a compact firearm around the .50 BMG cartridge is no simple task.  The Barrett M82A1 is an enormous gun with a unique combination of controls.  The Barrett’s ambidextrous magazine release is behind the magazine similar to an AKM, as is loading the magazine with its rock-and-lock mechanism.  The charging handle is attached to the bolt carrier on the right side.  The pistol grip, safety and trigger are all reminiscent of an AR15.  The six-sided receiver set does offer a decent cheek weld while firing from the prone position while the buttstock’s support arm offers comfortable support-hand placement.  The muzzle brake handles enough recoil to minimize abuse to the user’s shoulder, but this rifle should be sold with a bottle of ibuprofen due to the shockwave coming off of the brake.

Barrett M82A1 Fit & Finish

The Barrett M82A1 has receiver components made of heavy metal stampings that give it a very industrial look.  Finishes are available in black and also in shades of green, gray, and tan, and are evenly applied and durable. 
Fit and Finish

Barrett M82A1 Parts & Upgrades

How much is a Barrett M82A1 worth?

In 2024 a new or used Barrett M82A1 value varies depending on supply and demand. In the last 12 months there is great demand for a Barrett M82A1 and most rifles. The Price for a Barrett M82A1 has increased in cost by $0.00 in 2024 compared to 2023.

Estimated New and Used Values for a Barrett M82A1 Values are based on a basic model with no options or colors.

Condition Trade-In Private Party Dealer
New In box $6,524.04 $8,531.44 $10,036.99
Excellent $6,022.19 $8,029.59 $9,033.29
Very Good $5,520.34 $8,029.59 $9,033.29
Good $5,018.50 $7,527.74 $8,531.44
Fair $3,512.95 $6,524.04 $8,029.59
Poor $2,509.25 $5,018.50 N/A

Gun Value Conditions explained:

New in box - 100% condition in unopened box. Excellent - 95%+ condition with or without box.

Very Good - 90% - 95% condition (all parts/finish should be original).

Good - 80-90% condition (all parts/finish should be original).

Fair - 30% - 80% condition, parts, and finish may or may not be original. Must function properly and shoot.

Poor - under 30% condition. Firearm has severe wear and tear, does not function, or is damaged.

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