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The Benelli M4 Tactical shotgun is a unique, Auto-Regulating Gas-Operated (A.R.G.O.) semi-auto. The M4 Tactical is the combat service shotgun of the U.S. Joint Services today. Battle-proven reliability Picatinny rail for mounting scopes, sights, and optics Ghost-ring sights for quick target acquisition Originally designed in 1998 for the U.S. Marine Corps, the M4 (M1014) was extensively tested at the Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland. It proved totally reliable for safety, function, and performance. For reliability when it counts, select the M4 Tactical shotgun. Chokes: M Type of Sights: Ghost Ring Length of Pull: 14-3/8

Benelli M4 Specifications

Barrel Length18.5"

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Positive: 18 Mixed: 0 Negative: 2
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  • Benelli M4 Shotgun
    Benelli M4 put through extensive and grueling tests for safety function and performance subjecting them to dirt mud, heat and extreme cold. The M4 was able to satisfy and even exceed all the of the stringent operational ...and performance requirements proving itself to be totally reliable in every test situation powering the m4 is the Benelli engineered cargo system designed with dual self-cleaning Pistons mounted just in front of the chamber to drive the action. Its a simple and reliable system that eliminates the complex linkage and heavy parts that most other combat shotgun rely on the m4 comes standard with a Picatinny rail for mounting optics a ghost ring fully adjustable rear sight fixed front blade sight a collapsible stock is available for law-enforcement Bonelli's. more

    December 31, 2018 | Full review…
    Benelli Firearms
  • Benelli M4 Review
    This Benelli M4 shotgun can adjust the lenght on the buttstock on the button on the left-hand side, just going to push that in thumb rotate it a little bit off the side and expand it its got a fully collapsed right there... and then theres actually pretty solid stalk extension. Theres a couple of operating mechanics about this shotgun here got a really standard safety at the back. It can get a bigger extension tubes on like this smj hardware extension tube. And the SNJ hardware extension tube for the Benelli m4. more

    December 31, 2018 | Full review…
    The Hunting Gear Guy
  • Benelli M4 Full Review: The Best Tactical 12 Gauge Shotgun?
    The Benelli M4 featured in lots and its got to be pretty good right it is a 12 gauge semi auto it holds five rounds from the factory but can get extra magazine extensions. Its got an 18 inch barrel. Its seven point eight... pounds ghost ring sights and it runs off a auto regulating gas operated system with self-cleaning Pistons its just quite a bit different from traditional Bonelli's that run off an inertia system. This gun was the first gas operated shotgun the Benelli ever produced with this semi automatic is reliability and a lot of semi auto shotgun is traditionally reliability so thats actually a hundred percent reliable. more

    December 31, 2018 | Full review…
    Honest Outlaw
  • The TRUTH About The Benelli M4!
    The Benelli M4 is the ATI cap on the end looks a lot better than the standard Benelli cap. The carrier comp extended magazine tube which is made of titanium it gives an extra two rounds. The surefire four end which is a rail made by surefire fits really good in the hand and can put flashlights or whatever you want on it. Towards the back and the ATI scorpion recoil system so this is a scorpion hand grip and its got the scorpion six-way adjustable buttstock. The Benelli at ATI endcap looks really nice, really nice to carry, the comp titanium magazine tube surefire for grip and can mount flashlights or whatever you want to it lasers. The scorpion recoil hand grip and the scorpion or the Raven six way adjustable stock. more

    December 31, 2018 | Full review…
  • 100

    If you want one badass shotgun in your collection this is the one. Straight out of the box I was ripping skeets to pieces! Recoil is light enough my 9 y.o. think he needs a 12 guage now after shooting it. If you buy the ...OEM Benelli 8rd mag tube use a heat gun and thermal cam or ir thermometer to get the reciever to around 200 degrees to release the red threadlocker and it will screw right out by hand. more

    September 6, 2018
    Roger B
  • 100

    This was my first purchase from Bud's. I've been waiting a good while for a Benelli and the M4 came on my radar. The service from Bud's was very smooth and my shotgun arrived at my FFL sooner than I anticipated. The weap...on arrived in perfect condition and I was impressed with the quality and finish, it's rock solid. I outfitted it with a tactical sling and a holographic sight and familiarized myself with it's particulars before heading out to zero. All I can say is WOW!. Zeroed with slugs and ran all numbers of buckshot through without any issue. I was shooting bullet holes with slugs out at 35 yards and pattering 00 buck with all 9 in 15 inches with the modified choke it came with. I am looking forward to learning all this platform is capable of and hands down recommend this to anyone. I've been hunting and target shooting shotguns for 50 years, I don't see how it can get any better than the M4. Thanks Benelli and thanks Buds! more

    August 4, 2014
    Frank M
  • 100

    This was my first shotgun purchase and I couldn't be happier with it. The kick on this baby is a very managable...thanks to the recoil pad in the stock. The dual SS pistons make for easy cleaning and low maintenance. Put... over 600 shells through this already (all size shots) ,2.75 and 3" with not 1 jam or misfeed!!! I've also pulled off 50 yd shots with a 90{48958c14b5acc0d2f96c4669ff609a5eb60de971f0f1d1231d5a25a9a5b396ff} success rate on a 8" target (with some decent patterns might I add). Super fast cycling rate and the ghost ring sight helps for quick trap alignment. Worth every penny and your friends will hate you! more

    August 22, 2012
    Nick D
  • 100

    I am very well pleased with the M4, its built like a tank. The quality is top notch. Finish is excellent. Its well worth the asking price. I cleaned and lubed it befor i assemblied it. Instructions were very easy to foll...ow. I had my M4 together in about 2 minutes time. After owning other autoloaders ,the Benelli was super easy to assemble. Recoil isnt bad at all , i have fired 25 Remington 2 3/4 00 buckshot through it. It functioned 100{add6086a7548847b3c6a03ca69ffd988b48b7dc795a1bb5bb9429b5ffc80f134}. You know you bought a really good gun when your local gun shop owner and his other counter guys comment on how nice of a shotgun these Benelli M4's are. My gun came with a bottle of Benelli gun oil, a tool to remove the screw in choke. Those are pretty nice things to include, Thank you Benelli. And thank you Buds. more

    July 26, 2012
    Charles S
  • 100

    Excelent weapon. it's just blue steel sex. I got mine from Bud's in 3 days and took it to the range on the 4th. Ive fired 75 rounds of 00 buck and slugs with not one issue other then the fact my shoulder is soar as hell.... You cant go wrong with the weapon and if it's good enought for the U.S. Marines and Navy Seals it's good enough for me. more

    July 19, 2012
    Chris H
  • 100

    Buds was of course flawless in shipping fast & email updates along the way....Okay the M4 is probably the best TACTICAL auto loading shotgun available to civilians. However, it can be a tad finicky when it cycles birdsho...t. Upon picking up the M4 from my FFL & breaking down & cleaning the weapon, I went straight to the range w/ some Federal & Winchester birdshot & also some Remington 00 buck as well as about 25 Winchester rifled slugs. This bad boy ate straight through the buck shot & slugs w/ out any problems but some of the birdshot it would only cycle 2 or 3 rounds then experience either failure to cycle or FTE (failure to eject). After getting home & doing alot of research on the M4 & birdshot it was clear that the M4 only likes birdshot w/ a dram equivalent of at least 3, the birdshot I had originally used was a target load so the dram size was only 2 3/4. I went to wally world (walmart) and picked up about 200 rounds of some Federal Game load dram eq 3 1/4 & some Winchester small game w/ a dram eq of 3. I also learned on the Benelli forums that it is a good idea to put at least 50-100 rounds of buck shot & or slugs through your new M4 to break in the gas pistons & just get everything moving good before putting any birdshot through it. So I went back to the range w/ more 00 buck & another 25 rifled slugs. After putting about 50 00 buck & 25 slugs (my shoulder could really use a little ice right now) I then switched to the 3 1/4 Federal birdshot, WOW! Talk about some very fast cycling, my M4 ate through about 4 boxes of that birdshot in about 7 mins & buzzed through every round w/ out a single FTE or failure to cycle of any kind. I also put about another 150 rounds of the Winchester dram eq 3 birdshot loads w/ the same flawless performance! I own a Mossberg 900 SPX as well, and the Benelli is definitely a faster more robust TACTICAL shotgun while the Mossberg is more of a workhorse that will cycle ANYTHING, including light loads & lower dram equivalent 2 3/4 birdshot loads. It's like comparing a Ferrari to a Corvette, the Benelli obviously being the Ferarri! I absolutely love this tactical, monster it is truly a military grade weapon that will out perform any other autoloader out there, however make sure to use at least a dram equivalent of 3 if you plan on shooting birdshot..This is now my new bedside, noise in the middle of the night go-to weapon of choice! more

    June 19, 2012
    CODY C
  • 100

    What can I say? It's a Benelli M4 and it's beautiful! Assembled easily. Received in excellent shape. Very fast shipment. Haven't shot it yet but don't anticipate any major issues. Buy it!

    May 29, 2012
    Robert C
  • 100

    Receive my benelli m4 today. Got it exactly 6 business days after purchased. Bud's has unbeatable prices will be doing business again!!! Has for the Benelli dream come true!!

    April 2, 2012
    Richard W
  • 100

    Great overall weapon, the manual could be a little clearer on putting it together as it was missing some detail. Took it to the range and it didn't like the target slugs I was using. It wouldn't auto-load the next round ...sometimes. I am pretty sure its because of the ammo but I will take it out again and well see how it goes. Great feel and build quality. Added a quad rail with front grip to it and a couple of other minor accessories so now shes dressed to impress! :) For the price you could probably get something half as much and dress it up too but if you want the very best home defense shotgun, this is it. more

    January 21, 2012
    porfirio c
  • 100

    Great overall weapon, the manual could be a little clearer on putting it together as it was missing some detail. Took it to the range and it didn't like the target slugs I was using. It wouldn't auto-load the next round ...sometimes. I am pretty sure its because of the ammo but I will take it out again and well see how it goes. Great feel and build quality. Added a quad rail with front grip to it and a couple of other minor accessories so now shes dressed to impress! :) For the price you could probably get something half as much and dress it up too but if you want the very best home defense shotgun, this is it. more

    January 21, 2012
    porfirio c
  • 100

    awesome f*cking gun. it eats everything, slugs, buckshot AND walmart bird shot. i shot 3 slugs at 25 yards and the holes overlapped. i patterned with buckshot at 15-20 yards and all pellets are within a human chest width.... i've even shot skeet with it using 71/2 bird shot, it works. ever where i take this beast people stop and stare then whisper to to their friend "that's a benelli m4, that's what you want". i got meprolight night sights for it too, they work great. also got a gg&g gilles carry sling, very comfortable. it's kinda heavy too. easy to field strip and clean. great, great gun. more

    January 6, 2012
    steven c
  • 100

    This is my second shotgun and first auto. I picked it up after work and immediately went home to check it out. The weapon comes in three pieces - barrel, receiver assembly, and the bolt. I found the assembly to be easy, ...but the manual is quite annoying. Each page has only a short set of instructions - in about 6 languages. It took a lot of page turning to get the thing fully assembled. It shipped with a small bottle of oil, which seems about the same as CLP. I lubed the weapon up real good, put it in a soft case and headed out to the range. I fired off a few slugs, which ran through just fine. Then, I switched to bird shot. The M4 ate everything. All shell were 2.75". I was shooting the cheap stuff from I'm sure it will take pretty much any normal power ammo without a hiccup. I had never shot a ghost ring shotgun. I was very impressed with the ease of getting on target. The closest range to my house is indoors and only 25 meters so I can't judge long range accuracy, but I was touching holes exactly where I was aiming. That is with me flinching a bit - it kicks harder than anything else I own. It's very easy to get back on target. With no practice I had no problem firing 5 well aimed shots in under 10 seconds. One thing I particularly enjoy is dropping the bolt. It feels like an M60 slamming home. You definitely know that the weapon is ready to do some business. I'm sure it would scare the piss out of an intruder. Upon getting home I was expecting a real chore to get it clean. Man was I surprised. Taking the weapon down, it's apparent that it was designed for soldiers. Everything fits together with a nice "clunk", and field stripping is quite easy. Unlike the M16/AR15, this thing runs very clean. All I had to do is wipe out the receiver, run a boresnake through a couple of times, lube it up and slap it back together. The magazine tube end has a nice ratchet feel when tightening so I'm not worried about the ATF satisfying magazine support coming loose during operation. Pros - this is a reliable, bad ass shotgun. Sights are very nice. Accurate. Dudes were drooling over it at the range. Cons - expensive, magazine size is limited by ATF (this can be rectified, but it'll cost a little more for the 3 made in the USA parts). Summary - You can buy an 870 and throw lead downrange just as well, but if you're interested in getting the best tactical auto shotgun around, I think this is the one for you. It doesn't have the removable magazines of a Saiga, but it just plain works right out of the box. more

    July 14, 2011
  • 100

    i was very hesitant to buy a gun online but the experience with Buds was absolutely seamless! The weapon is great and the process was excellent! Looking forward to shooting my m4!

    July 6, 2011
    paolo d
  • 100

    This was my first purchase from, but it will not be my last. This is an absolutely great firearm at a great price. If your interested in the Benelli M4 this model is the one you want. The 11707 is the upg...radable version of the M4. If its good enough for the USMC is good enough for me. more

    June 7, 2011
    Gary H