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Benelli MR1 Description

A self defense rifle has to perform the first time, every time. The ultra-reliable A.R.G.O. system incorporated into the new Benelli MR1 does it for the U.S. military, and makes the MR1 the best home defense rifle available. MR1 self defense guns are chambered in 5.56 mm NATO (.223 Remington) and use the battle-proven Auto Regulating Gas Operated (ARGO) system—the same system developed by Benelli for the M1014 (M4) and used for over a decade in multiple conflicts by the United States Marine Corps.

Built to the same tough military specifications and embodying the solid reliability that the U.S. Marines rely upon, the MR1 has no equal among home defense weapons. It features a stainless steel, self-cleaning piston that operates directly against the proven rotating bolt, thereby eliminating the need for complex linkages found on other, inferior gas systems. This piston-driven system, perfected by Benelli, incorporates a gas port located just forward of the chamber, where the gases are hotter and cleaner, resulting in less fouling and more reliable cycling. The result—a Benelli carbine with features rivaling all other home defense rifles, including Marine—tough reliability and the ability to function in the harshest environmental conditions.

Benelli MR1 Specifications

Weight7.9 oz
Caliber5.56 x 45mm
Gun TypeShotgun
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    I owned one of these for a few years and while it was fun to shoot, the accuracy was not very good. If you want a close quarters home defense gun that handles like a shotgun and will hit anything within 60 yards and neve...r fails then this is your weapon. This gun spit out any load I ran trhu with never a misfire or jam. Also, this gun is a pain to strip and re-assemble. The trigger mechanism is way to complicated compared to an AR and I found in extreme cold temps you had to be very careful of the oil used near the trigger. The trigger would get so stiff you could not fire it w/o jerking the trigger very hard, which then screws up the shot. I did fix this issue with a high quality tactical arms lub. If you are looking for something that will accurately shoot past 100 yards this may not be you weapon. more

    February 1, 2012
    Don Hudson
  • Benelli MR1
    The ultra-reliable A.R.G.O. system incorporated into the new Benelli MR1 and makes the MR1 the best home defense rifle available. MR1 self defense guns are chambered in 5.56 mm NATO (.223 Remington) and use the battle-pr...oven Auto Regulating Gas Operated (ARGO) system. more

    December 31, 2018 | Full review…
    Benelli Firearms
  • Benelli MR1 Review
    The Benelli MR1 it is adjustable bought stock pistol grip and the magazine release from like the trigger finger or the trigger hand and there it is ambidextrous its on the other side but have to take the finger off the t...rigger which is a bit. It's a 20 inch barrel on there it is very it well its pretty thin it when in shooting like rapid rounds like magazine after magazine with the 14 rounders even the 5 rounders shooting off quite a few of those the barrel does get pretty hot. This thing can attach a bipod or a grip. In the downside to the gun this is expensive and kind of hard to it be really nice if Benelli could get some sort of a rail system. more

    December 31, 2018 | Full review…
    Canadian Patriot
  • Benelli mr1 review with sure fire x400
    The Benelli MR1 with the collapsed stock this is the one-restricted model with the 18 inch barrel. This gun can equipped with a PMAG but not going to go through the whole safety check thing because it is safety check. Th...e bolt is clear theres no ammunition in this firearm. The Benelli MR1 with quite a few different scopes. Originally had the leupold vx-3 by 9. The magnifier did come with the detachable quick-detachable swivel mount. The ghost ring sights that came on the Benelli MR1. more

    December 31, 2018 | Full review…
    Canadian Outdoor Survival
  • Table Top Review Of The Benelli MR1
    Benelli MR1 .223/5.56 the rear sight it was such a little bit too much to get a good check weld. The blackhawk padded cheek rest on that uses velcro straps. It really a good cheek rest and it absorbs a lot of punishment ...when shooting that dont have to absorb. The grip it is a rubberized grip on there and its little salt just enough to absorb recoil but the dust cover thats clipped onto the bottom. more

    December 31, 2018 | Full review…
    Bobs Edge