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Critic Consensus

As with all good semi-autos, shims are provided to alter the comb height through an impressive rage, while length can be altered by the use of different butt pads. Overall weight is around 7lb, which is light for an auto, so firing a long succession of heavy loads may be a little tiring. If this is so, there are heavier guns in the Benelli range. Read critic reviews...

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Benelli Vinci Semi-Auto Shotgun with ComforTech Plus boasts a rapid-cycling Inline Inertia-Driven action for efficient, lightning-fast operation while handling everything from 2-3/4" to 3" magnum loads. ComforTech Plus stock and comb pads soak up recoil for smooth, fast follow-up shots. Revolutionary 3-part design includes a barrel/receiver module, trigger group/forearm module and a QuadraFit buttstock module for quick, easy assembly and take down. Customize the drop and cast using the included set of shins. Crio-treated barrels deliver uniform patterning and stay cleaner longer. Larger trigger guard and safety combines with the sculpted forend to improve control with gloves during inclement weather. Benelli Vinci Semi-Auto Shotgun comes drilled and tapped for scope mounting and features red-bar front sight. Each Vinci shotgun comes with 3 Crio choke tubes (improved cylinder, modified and full), wrench and choke case, as well as a custom-fitted gun case.

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