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Century Arms JW-2000 Coach

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Reviews: 115
Positive: 79
Mixed: 23
Negative: 13
Retail Price: $310.00
Used Value: $229.40
Sale Value: $265.93
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Century Arms JW-2000 Coach Specifications

Brand Century International Arms Inc.
Category Shotguns
Length 37"
Action Break open
Capacity 2
Finish Blue
Primary Uses

Century Arms JW-2000 Coach Variations

Variation Frame Finish MSRP
Century Arms JW-2000 Coach Blue $296.00
Yildiz SPZ ME Steel 12 Gauge Blue $296.00
Century Arms JW-2000 20 Blue $296.00

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Century Arms JW-2000 Coach Pricing

Used Gun
Fair Market Range $286- $298
Fair Market Price $292
MSRP $310.00
New Gun
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  • Highest Price: $300.44
  • Lowest Price: $276.12

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Century Arms JW-2000 Coach Q & A

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Asked by unnamed user 1 year ago

Factory NEW?

unnamed user 6 months ago

Doyle, probably a packing mistake at Buds. You should have received a "Factory New" Coach as advertised. I would contact Buds, and let them know what you received at LiveChat (available from 9AM to 9PM 7 days a week), the "Blue Chat Button" at the bottom right of the page, or phoning at (859) 368-0371 (available 9AM to 9PM EST Monday through Friday).

Asked by unnamed user 1 year ago

Country of origin

unnamed user 6 months ago

These are made in CHINA and imported by Century International Arms Boris.

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Legend Ammo
Retail Price: $310.00
Used Price: $229.40