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Critic Consensus

Dont Buy this or the others for self-defense. There are simply better, more modern guns out there that make more sense than a derringer, in our view. If we wanted a Cowboy Action derringer, the Texas Defender, whose trigger guard can be removed, would be Our Pick. Read critic reviews...

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Descendents of the original Derringer Pistol, these double-barrel personal-defense Bond Arms Centerfire Derringers are ideal for carry in a pocket, purse, tackle box or pack. Sturdy stainless steel construction and handsome hardwood handles. Barrels are interchangeable with other calibers available from Bond Arms. Automatic extractors facilitate quick reloading. Rebounding hammers allow fast follow-up shots. Retracting firing pins and crossbolt safeties add peace of mind. Spring-loaded, cammed locking levers create a tighter frame-to-barrel fit. All have blade front and fixed rear sights. Made in Texas by Texans.

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