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Critic Consensus

The slight creep in the trigger, the lack of a fire marking, and the straight-grained fore-end wood steal a star. As compared to the other guns, the Lightning beats the Berretta in function, meets it in form, and costs a little less. The Lightning stands head and shoulders above the lower-cost offerings in form and function (and it should). Read critic reviews...

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The Citori Gran Lightning is blued with high relief engraving and stocked with grade V/VI walnut. The Citori Action components are machined to exacting tolerances, heat-treated for greater strength and fitted using the traditional lampblack-and-file method to ensure the precise fit of critical components prior to being assembled to the action. It is this extreme level of craftsmanship that leads to the dependable function, impeccable looks, championship performance and respect from both Citori owners and the competition alike. Hammers are powered by powerful coil type mainsprings for positive primer ignition. The convenient barrel selector allows the shooter to choose which barrel fires on the first pull of the single trigger, and the second pull fires the remaining barrel. Ejectors are activated by a sharp hammer blow for more positive ejection. The automatic ejectors eject fired shells when the breech is opened and elevate unfired shells for easy removal. The Citori utilizes a transverse-mounted, full width tapered locking bolt. The tapered locking bolt engages a full width tapered recess in the rear barrel lugs. The taper allows the bolt to seat deeper over the years. The hinge pin extends from one side of the receiver to the other for maximum strength. It's the reason people say a Citori wears in, not out. All Citori shotguns feature chrome-plated chambers that resist the toll thousands of shells can take on lesser quality guns.

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