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The lightning-style rounded pistol grip It offers a more open grip than full pistol grip designs. Many shooters feel this gives a slight speed-to-shoulder advantage. It represents a midpoint in design between ultra-speedy straight grips and extremely stable full pistol grips. If offers excellent control for whatever you are after -- fast-flying waterfowl, upland game or just shooting fun. Matching the rounded pistol grip is the forearm. It is nicely rounded at the fore-end and together, they give the name to this over-under gun as "Lightning Style," or in this case, the Citori Lightning model. As to the finish . . . The Citori Lightning over-under shotgun features deeply blued barrels, receiver, top lever, and trigger guard -- and gloss finished walnut stock. The trigger is gold in the classic Browning tradition. The checkering is a fine line 24 per inch cut that is true Browning with its sharpness and precision. This look and quality has long been the choice of serious hunters and gun writers. There is simply nothing to criticize. The look and feel. The absence of a recoil pad adds to the graceful look of its profile, and, of course, saves weight. Reduced weight is one of the primary advantages of this model. Plus, the general look of the Citori Lightning has its roots in early Browning Superposed shotguns -- from which this model evolved. It simply looks and shoots fantastically.

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