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Critic Consensus

I know some of you will think its an expensive 9mm PDW-type weapon with much cheaper options on the market. Out of all the PDWs I own and have used over the years, the TP9 is one of the easiest and by far the lightest option to carry in a bag for extra firepower. The TP9 is an absolute blast to take out and shoot as a range gun and with a little practice, the trigger can be maste... Read critic reviews...

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The MP9 represents the latest advancement in personal defense weapons. The MP9 is the worlds lightest 9 x 19 mm select-fire weapon, ideal for surveillance teams, vehicle crews, CQB, SWAT teams and as a PDW, surpassing all other submachine guns in size, weight, and flexibility. This advanced, ambidextrous weapon is also available in semi-automatic only operation for the civilian market as the TP9.

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