Canik TP9

Canik TP9

MSRP: $339.00

Used Value: $360.72

Sale Price: $237.30

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Canik TP9

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Century Arms Canik TP9 SFT Semi-automatic 9mm 5 inch Threaded Barrel 18+1 Rounds

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Canik TP9

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Canik TP9

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Canik TP9

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Cia Hg2846-n Canik55 Tp-9 18+1 9mm 4"
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Canik TP9

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Brand Canik
Category Semi-Auto Pistol
Action Striker Fire Action
Caliber 9x19mm Parabellum
Capacity 18+1
Finish Black
Sights 3 Dot
Gun Type Pistol
Grip Black
Barrel Length 4"
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Garridon G on Canik TP9

I finally took this thing to the range after receiving it two or so weeks ago. I put 250 rounds of Tula, Independance, and Federal ammo through it. It didn't have a single hiccup. I went through all 250 rounds as fast as I could load the magazines, and finished all of it within 45 minutes. I heated this up pretty good! The ergonomics on this pistol are outstanding. after the first "getting-to-know-you" magazine, I started with semi-rapid-fire and double-taps.... At ten yards, on a silhouette target, double-taps were effortlessly kept within center-mass.......of the head!!!! This thing is the most accurate stock pistol I've purchased, period (have had XDMs, including a Comp version, Glocks, FNs, Taurus, Baby Eagle...that's all I can think of off the top) It comes with a Serpa-style holster (w/ active trigger retention system) that is actually pretty impressive, except for not of my preference. I won't ever use that set-up. If you have any hesitation because of the price, don't! You'll be glad you bought it. It's light, has a durable finish, seems to be assembled well (manufactured in a plant that adheres to ISO 9000 standards, which should translate to a high level of quality control), and is pretty damn accurate. I have no complaints, except for the sloppily-applied glow-paint in the sights. This gun is sweet- I wish they sold them in .40 calibers... *I am impressed with Canik55, and will buy more of their pistols ...more

Dec 11, 2012
Garridon G

just bought he gun had intended to fire it this week. during my dry fire today the trigger started stacking.It got to a point where the trigger would not move I think it's a safety block problem.I have reached out to Century for either a repair or cure for the problem I will keep all updated

Apr 10, 2019

Solid pistol, well made, reliable, and fun to shoot. However, do not dry fire it! I like to dry fire my guns to get used to handling, trigger pull, reset, etc. Generally this is not an issue. However, this pistol breaks firing pins regularly and quickly if dry fired without a snap cap in place. Once I started using snap caps the problem went away. Century replaced the firing pins under warranty (I had three break on two different guns) but shipping sometimes took several weeks. Since one has to dry fire the SF version of the gun to take it down this is an issue, especially since less than 50 dry fires resulted in pin breakage on one occasion. Perhaps this is the real reason for the SA and DA versions? I still really like the gun, just don't dry fire them. ...more

Jan 23, 2019
Charles S

The pistol looks great. Good value for the features you get. I’m disappointed the description indicated it was cerakoted (slide and frame) but I cannot see that it is. I have not taken it to the range yet.

Oct 15, 2018
Tactical medic
Top 10 favorite side arm

I bought this a little over 6 months ago and I have not had one issue with it I do clean it regularly and whenever I do have an issue with it I will not sell it it will go in a frame because this gun is priceless.

Aug 23, 2018
not 18+1

i don't see how you can get 19 in this gun cannot insert a magazine when the slide is in battery witch also means this gun is probably not for you if you want to carry on a empty chamber has some hiccups on the first 150 rounds after that its amazing love it

Jul 17, 2018

I was very impressed with the construction of the pistol. Very solid. Does not feel flimsy like other polymer pistols I've hefted. I love the decocker and wish more striker fire pistols had this option. Much easier to take apart than other striker fire pistols too with the help of the take down tabs on either side. The holster is sturdy and a definite plus. It cycles all the ammo I've tried in it and I've found a source for mags that are very affordable. ...more

May 08, 2018
Josh W

It's a decent gun, but for me, not a great gun. Starting with the positives, it's a nice looking gun, it comes with some nice accessories and it fit my hand really well. Like many lower priced guns, the fit and finish weren't the best, but they weren't bad either. Having magazines (Mecgar) that hold 18 rounds is a nice bonus. But I had problems with FTE's and FTF's early on, a problem that didn't really go away. Top that with a trigger that just didn't work for me. The break was not very predictable, and in many cases, I had to pull the trigger to the wall before it would finally break. In the end, I chose to sell it rather than hold onto it. Maybe the one I got was a lemon, I don't know for certain. I do think that they are a good value and a decent gun, so long as you don't experience problems like I did. Maybe I'll try one again someday, but for now, I'll pass ...more

Apr 03, 2018
Erik M
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